Real Estate-Value Integrator

The Real Estate-Value Integrator, short RE-VI, is the first app in our new app family to support the digitalisation of the data flow with property managers and to enable them to import their data conveniently and easily for direct further processing in RE-VC. The quality of the transferred data is checked at runtime. As soon as an error occurs, the property manager will be informed immediately by e-mail. In the case of major discrepancies in content, the property manager is requested to explain and to comment on this issue, which will be integrated and available for use in the RE-VC. This saves time and resources.

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The advantages of the Real Estate-Value Integrator

Specialisation in the value chain continues progressing. Breaks and cuts in the processes with partners quickly destroy the possible synergies of specialisations. Time-consuming quality checks of supplied data, work steps that have to be done twice and long coordination processes are the result. The digital answer lies in the supported data import, for which we have developed the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) app. At runtime, the quality of the transferred data is checked not only for compatibility, but also for various content parameters such as duration, validity or completeness, and is immediately available for use in RE-VC. In addition, an automatic comparison is made with the previous month's values. In case of changes or discrepancies, you will be informed immediately and have the possibility to adjust. It is also possible to comment on the results. This saves you time and resources and helps you reach your goals faster. Arrange a demonstration appointment with us now.

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TOP features of the Real Estate-Value Integrator for the real estate industry

Simple data import via app

The Data will be loaded via app, checked and will be available for further processing in the RE-VC.

Comment function

All comments from the data import process are retained and will be displayed in the RE-VC.

Shortcut of the data import process

The data import and the associated approval processes are compressed. At the same time the transparency of the processes is fully maintained at all times.

Data Check and analysis

Your data is not only checked for format and compatibility, but also for content. You will receive an immediate feedback whenever your intervention is required.

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