Portfolio and Asset Management

One of the core themes of the Real Estate-Value Creator is Portfolio and Asset Management. This topic focuses on the property: development/purchase – management – recovery - performance of the property and its planning. Here the planning assumptions are stored, the technical measures are created, and scoring and key performance indicators are determined on real estate level.

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From lease to total assets

Discover opportunities and risks in the portfolio, in real estate, in leases and even in individual areas. Detailed information on all contracts, their terms and options are available as well as total evaluations of a sub-portfolio or of the entire inventory. The analysis technologies of the Real Estate-Value Creator help to break down aggregated information up to the cause. By using deviation analysis, you can identify planned/actual deviations from individual positions of a property, a lease or freely chosen groupings.

Fully integrated planning

Based on proven, area-specific forecasts, you create one or more budget versions. All plans are part of the value-added network. They are automatically integrated into the income, cash and company or investment planning and are available for scenario comparisons.

Professional reporting

Besides the online analyses, the RE-VC provides extensive reporting tools. You can rely on the availability of all current methods of modern asset and portfolio management by combining qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis and forecasting.


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TOP features of our software solution for portfolio and asset management in the real estate industry:

Automatic rent forecast based on area or on target occupancy rate

Parameter-controlled, scheduled, workflow-based via status setting.

Life cycle planning relative, absolute, top down and/or bottom up

Parameter-controlled via various default levels, groups, optionally individual.

Investment and maintenance planning (CapEx) via technical measures

If required: internal and external financing, import of capacity utilisation, accruals and provisions.

Scenario panel with overviews of workflows and planning status

In particular, tasks for planning updates due to data import can be found here.

Monthly and quarterly reports on real estate, sub-portfolio and total portfolio

Via excel templates, ad hoc printing or publication via Power BI, Klick View or similar.

Performance monitor and more than 30 Key Performance Indicators

Overview dashboard for inventory, KPI specifically for portfolio evaluation with ongoing expansion.

Object profile

Available for each object with all essential information concerning the property.

Interactive cockpits – simple – intuitive – comprehensible

Navigate on interactive graphical cockpits to the causer's dimension.

Dataimport via qualitymanagement scenario

Datacheck and dataimport into the productive environment including the setting of status and verification.

Simple data import with Excel (copy & paste)

e.g. for inflation series, exchange rates, market rents or similar.

Import of tenant lists via Excel for purchasing breakdown

Integration via copy & paste with essential contents for purchase eximination of a property.

Automatic task management

Searching the database for specific conditions and sending of a task via e-mail.

Developer and privatization module

Here, special planning options, top-down or property-specific are summarized for privatization measures.

Scoring for market and object attractiveness and cash flow

Representation in the 9-field matrix as well as 27-field matrix (by Kook, Sydow).

Individual real estate scoring

Object and market attractiveness with 5 sub-topics each and up to 10 sub-topics as well as own weighting with up to 10 valuations.

FAQ and answers relating to portfolio and asset management

FAQ according to keywords in alphabetical order:

Deposits: Does the software have a deposit management?

Deposits can be displayed for information regarding amount, type and, if applicable, time limit. They are usually not included in the real estate or liquidity planning.

Number of scenarios: How many scenarios can be created?

The number of scenarios is unlimited. However, for better clarity and processing, a certain order should be kept.

Reports: Does the software have an editor for the creation of individual evaluations?

Yes. The creation of an individual report template is possible both via Excel and via systems such as Power BI, Klick View or similar.

Stress tests: Is it possible to calculate best case/worst case scenarios via the software?

Yes, best case and worst case scenarios can be created, automated and terminated via the stress test settings.


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